How brown is your cow?


  • Questions: Anyone may ask a question, even guests (I may change this if spam becomes a problem). Questions must be short and to the point, but optional details can be specified. If your question is sexually explicit or contaions dirty words, check the Adults Only box. Any registered user may answer any question or join in the comment thread, so it is pointless to say only women may answer your question, or only gays, or only nice people, or only Christians, or only parents, etc. You have 30 minutes after posting a question to edit it, but each time you edit it, you get another 30 minutes after that. If nobody has answered your question after 24 hours, you may "bump" it back to the top of the list.
  • Answers: Only registered users may answer a question. Answers must be on-topic and answer the question at hand; no more and no less. Since answers will shift position over time based on their score, don't mention "the answer above." Each answer must be able to stand alone as if there were no other anwers. You may check your answer as Adults Only, but then your answer will be invisible to people to don't opt to see adult content.
  • Comments: Only registered users may post comments. Comments are where all the friendly banter and chit-chat and flame wars go. There are few restrictions on comments, except to forbid personal attacks and spam. But I abhor censorship, so I'm likely to tolerate "edgy" comments that other sites would moderate.
  • Avatars: Do not use copyrighted images in your avatars. Do not use X-rated avatars. Avatars must not show orifices from which human excrement, reproductive substances, or newborn babies emerge, and immediately surrounding areas. Beyond this, I don't give a hydro-electric power plant what your avatar is.

But you do need to register to answer a question, and join a discussion.

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